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Map of KalymnosKalymnos’ inhabitants are around 11,000 and mostly live in Pothia, the harbor of Kalymnos. The island has the biggest fleet of fishing boats in the Aegean Sea. The well-made boats travel from Crete to Nothern Aegean islands! You can admire a part of this impressive fleet by walking at the harbour.

The capital and port of the island is Pothia. Chora, the old capital of the island, is approximately 4 kms from Pothia. Nearby are the ruins of its old castle. Main villages are Panormos, Vahtis, Emborios, Arginonta, Argos and Myrties Beach where you find the “Acroyali Apartments”. In Masouri you’ll find lots of clubs and all necessary equipment for climbing. It has one of the few sandy beaches of the island.

Kalymnos was famous in the past for its sponge fishing fleet and this is why it was called the “island of the sponge divers”. In the past sponge fishing contributed great prosperity and economic growth on the island.

Processing and trading of sponges has been a traditional activity for centuries in Kalymnos.

During your stay, you can visit shops that exhibit a big variety of sponges and introduce you to difficult and dangerous life of the sponge divers. Don’t miss the nearby smaller islands of Telendos and Pserimos where you can travel for a few hours or the whole day. At a perfect spot, “Acroyali Apartments” in Kalymnos is ideal for your holidays in Greece.

Getting to Kalymnos by airplane or ferry:

Flights from Athens to Kalymnos use the local airport. Additionally, international flight passengers connect to Kalymnos via the international airport of Kos (adding a 30-minutes boat trip from the seaside village of Mastichari-Kos to Pothia port of Kalymnos) Many charter flights starting from numerous European cities are added from April to November.

Kalymnos is connected by ferry with the ports of Piraeus and Rhodes as well as with nearby islands like Leros, Kos, Patmos, Leipsoi, Astypalaia, Nisyros, Samos, Symi and others.

You can also reach Pserimos and Telendos islands by regular local passenger boats. The boat to Telendos starts just 150m away from our apartments.